With all the shifts going on in the world today, businesses have seen a large change from working in the office to working from home. It’s safe to say that working from home isn’t going anywhere anytime soon as many are adapting to a hybrid model. As with all changes, there are benefits and challenges that accompany it.

Here are some of the challenges when it comes to a hybrid work environment:


1. Virtual Communication

While there is no substitute for in-person interactions, video calls have done a great job. It is key to remember the importance of the human behind the computer. Maintaining communication, creativity and connection in the hybrid work environment can make a big difference.

Ensure employees have the necessary accessories for effective online communication:

  • Webcam
  • Speakers
  • Headset
  • Remote Connection
  • IT Support
  • Consistent Team Meetings


2. Increasing Support Requests

IT departments worldwide have been busy for the past couple of years, to say the least. An increase in demand for IT support requests has created a number of technical issues for all levels of a business organization. Streamline the experience by sourcing your products and technical support from the same company. At Island Key Computer we have a team of certified, in-house technicians and consultants that specialize in hardware service and repair at each of our locations.


3. Finding Devices Created For Modern Hybrid Work

Stuck between the home and office setup? The device being used plays one of the most important roles in an employee’s performance and a business’ success. More devices are being created with this shift in mind. Here are 2 products IKC carries that are designed for hybrid business models:

HP Elitebook 840 Notebook PC by Island Key Computer

  • Lenovo Z Series

    Lenovo Z Series ThinkPad by Island Key Computer

As well, the Ergotron sit-stand desks have been a pillar in the WFH experience for both employees and business owners. Click here to read our previous blog post about improving employee productivity and well-being in the workplace.


4. Rising Security Threats

The danger of IT security threats is significantly increasing. Data is a company’s most important asset so it is critical to protect this life force. Invest in the right security for your company’s infrastructure. As well, educate employees on safety precautions when opening emails, surfing the internet and other tasks. Click here to read our recent blog post about protecting your company’s data.


The benefit of partnering with tier 1 companies allows Island Key Computer to offer the newest, most advanced products and solutions for your business. Let us help you transition your workforce the right way amidst a changing technological landscape. Contact us today to learn more!