Welcome to our Desktop series! We at Island Key Computer offer remarkable performance, unparalleled reliability, and unbeatable investment protection for any IT environment. Our desktops provide superior stability and cost efficiency, packed with a range of features that cater to all business types. From cutting-edge technology to affordable entry-level PCs, our Desktop family has the perfect solution for you.

Our Desktops have a proven track record of performance and reliability, ensuring maximum investment protection. They are stable, dependable, and secure, with advanced security features to provide a higher level of identity, data, and network protection.

With three different form factors, our Desktops are designed to fit seamlessly into any workspace. You also have the option to take advantage of Intel vPro technology, which delivers the utmost manageability and security.

For small businesses, we offer the HP Small Business PC series, which is designed to provide added performance, expandability, speed, and power. Our small business series is everything your team needs in a sleek, simple design.

Experience the pinnacle of desktop innovation with our fantastic range of Desktops.

Our Partners include HP (Hewlett Packard), Lenovo, and more.

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Thin Clients


Experience industry-leading enterprise technology that brings down ownership costs for server-based computing. Ideal for secure transaction-based applications, our Thin Clients offer desktop-like performance with easy deployment and management. You gain unmatched investment protection and guaranteed uptime.

Setup is a breeze, with rapid IT deployment that reduces total ownership costs. We provide an all-in-one server-to-client solution, leveraging HP’s world-renowned servers for unsurpassed reliability and performance in thin client environments. Say goodbye to removable media for a controlled IT environment that slashes configuration issues, conflicts, virus threats, and data theft.

Access on Demand with our Enterprise Thin Client Solution, offering low-cost, easy-to-support access to major applications on a central server. With options like WES 7, WES 2009, and HP ThinPro OS, we support Microsoft RFX, Citrix HDX, VMware PCoIP, and Terminal Emulation. Backed by EPEAT® and ENERGY STAR®, our expandable hardware includes graphics cards, support for up to 4 digital displays, fiber NIC, and open software architectures.

Elevate your remote and cloud computing environments with true PC-like performance.

HP’s unsurpassed performance and reliability are essential for Thin Client server environments with a 65% share of the Citrix server install base. Our Thin Clients support a range of software architectures and standards, including Microsoft RFX, Citrix HDX, VMware PCoIP, and Terminal Emulation, with expandable hardware, and graphics cards.

Our Partners include HP (Hewlett Packard)Lenovo, and more

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