Selecting the optimal monitor presents a nuanced challenge, particularly given the extensive array of choices available. The choice of display type and dimensions are pivotal determinants that profoundly influence your user experience.

Our extensive assortment ensures a comprehensive selection, enabling you to identify the ideal monitor tailored to your requirements. Regardless of your preference for screen size or image quality, and irrespective of your usage context, Island Key Computer offers a diverse range of widely sought-after display sizes and resolutions. This includes portable monitors that seamlessly integrate with your laptop, providing an additional screen to enhance your productivity.

Our comprehensive monitor lineup boasts remarkable resolutions, expansive screen dimensions, and versatile ports, all contributing to heightened operational efficiency. Moreover, our business-oriented monitors are enriched with practical attributes like touch-screen functionality, ergonomic stands, and high-quality cameras.

The acquisition of exceptional computer displays need not be intricate or exorbitant. Explore our inventory of options categorized by group, application, connectivity, resolution, aspect ratio, and more, to identify the optimal match for your lifestyle. By pairing your PC with the appropriate monitor, you can unlock its full potential for business, gaming, or everyday use.

Portable Monitors


Sometimes traveling for work is necessary and you can only bring your laptop but not your second screen. With a high-quality portable monitor, you can take your second screen with you in a car, on a bus, or on the plane. These portable monitors make sure that you keep your productivity even when you are away from your home office setup. You can have portable monitors that are stand-alone or ones that connect to your device to make transport easier and ensure a seamless work space limiting your distractions and making sure you get everything you need done.

Trying to decide between LCD or LED displays.

LCD Monitor Advantages

  • Longer lifespan
  • Sometimes cheaper in price
  • Less image retainment

LED Monitor Advantages

  • Better contrast and color
  • Energy efficient
  • Thinner
  • Capable of 4K resolutions
  • Better response times
  • No mercury

Furthermore, our extensive assortment encompasses premium choices that offer exceptional value. This includes ultrawide monitors designed to amplify productivity through innovative means, high-performance 240Hz monitors that optimize response times and refresh rates for gaming enthusiasts, as well as 1080p, 1440p (or Quad HD), and 4K monitors that elevate visual clarity to unprecedented heights.

Our partners include HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Benq, Phillips, and many more.

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