Compute-Servers includes ProLiant ML & DL Servers, Synergy, Apollo, Edgeline and Simplivity


Compute is, after all, the engine that powers the very applications that run the business. Applications must run flawlessly, giving users the high performance and reliability. Further, compute connects users’ applications to their data and accelerates customers’ data analytics. The insights that fuel innovation and give customers a competitive advantage are locked within organizations’ data. The more data organizations have, the greater the need for advanced data analytics. The tools for speeding data analytics—artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning—are powered by accelerated compute. Simply put, compute is critical for turning organizations’ data into value.

HPE offers a diverse selection of servers, from micro servers to high performance computing (HPC) solutions to Synergy.

HPE ProLiant servers are engineered for hybrid cloud environments, helping customers deliver compute at the edge where data is created. HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers are even better equipped to deliver the intuitive cloud operating experience customers seek. HPE continues to offer new infrastructure protections, ensuring HPE ProLiant servers continue to deliver trusted security by design.

Because organizations are running demanding applications that have very specific requirements, HPE ProLiant servers are designed to provide optimized performance for each workload.

Compared to the previous generation, the HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers support twice as much I/O bandwidth for the most demanding applications and 50% more cores per CPU for improved workload consolidation. For AI and graphic-intensive workloads, HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers also support 33% more high-performance Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) density per server.

In addition to offering a high-performance hardware platform, HPE ProLiant servers provide features to optimize the hardware for a particular workload. For example, workload matching automatically “tunes” the server for a particular workload. Customers simply select a workload profile, and the server settings are automatically configured to yield best-in-class workload performance.

HPE Gen11 servers are designed for customers who are focused on performance. They may have demanding workloads or modern or high-performance platforms. For example, AI and machine learning workloads often require more GPUs, and Gen11 servers support more high-performance GPU density per server than HPE Gen10 Plus servers.

HPE offers the best and focussed server solutions for different workloads, such as hybrid cloud, containers, virtual desktop infrastructure (or VDI), data solutions, and AI and analytics.