Our Storage Solutions include HPE MSA for SMB and HPE Alletra for all workloads from general purpose to Mission-critical.


Data is the lifeforce that is essential for activating next-generation operating and business models, getting a handle on data management is critical to the ongoing success. By streamlining data management—putting data first, enables companies to mine their data for insights. With data insights, companies can uncover and analyze patterns, helping them “see around corners” to predict future outcomes.

HPE offers a bold paradigm shift for data infrastructure across edge to cloud. It is cloud-native data infrastructure that accelerates innovation and agility by delivering the cloud operating and consumption experience wherever data lives. Built for every application these solutions span workload-optimized systems to deliver architectural flexibility without the complexity of traditional storage management.

With HPE Alletra storage solutions and HPE GreenLake for Block Storage you can meet any service-level agreement (SLA) with the right performance, resiliency, and efficiency to exactly match the needs of each application. HPE Alletra is optimized to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.


  • The HPE Alletra 9000 is designed to run mission-critical workloads, such as large-scale databases and containers. It is optimized for extreme availability, predictable performance at scale, and comes standard with a 100% availability guarantee.
  • HPE Alletra 6000 has been optimized for efficiency and guarantees 6-nines availability its Designed for business-critical workloads.
  • HPE Alletra 5000, on the other hand, is designed for general-purpose workloads, which do not require an all-flash solution

Customers simply plug in an Alletra system of their choice wherever they want to store data, and the system auto-discovers and becomes controlled by the Data Services Cloud Console. Customers achieve the simplicity of cloud-native, intent-based management, while maintaining enterprise-grade performance and the flexibility to deploy data wherever they want.

Further, HPE Alletra is AI-driven, making it self-managing and autonomous. For example, upgrades are matched intelligently to the customer’s Alletra system and are designed to be non-disruptive. HPE InfoSight then provides predictive intelligence to resolve issues before they happen.

HPE Alletra dHCI combines the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) with the flexibility of converged compute and storage for a best-of-both-worlds solution. It consists of HPE ProLiant DL servers and HPE Alletra arrays, which automatically discover each other and form a stack. Customers manage the stack from an intuitive management interface and integrate the stack into VMware vCenter, as easily as a traditional HCI stack. At the same time, customers maintain the flexibility to scale storage and compute independently so that they can always achieve the right mix for their workloads, even as those workloads’ requirements change. This architecture means that there’s no overprovisioning (no wasted resources). Customers add only what they need, and upgrades are transparent and nondisruptive to their apps.

Efficient and scalable, HPE Alletra dHCI delivers the performance required for apps that need sub millisecond latency. And HPE InfoSight tells customers when and how many resources they need, or how they can repurpose resources, so HPE Alletra is always optimized without any guesswork. It’s both simple and flexible.