Federal Govt Programs – NMSO

Island Key Computer has been a supplier to federal govt since 1990.  Island Key Computer sells and services products under NMSO such as Desktops, Laptops, Toughbooks, Plotters from manufacturers such as HP, Panasonic, Samsung and more.

Federal Govt Programs by Island Key Computer
Public Sector Programs by Island Key Computer

Public Sector

Public sector pricing options are provided by HP, Lenovo, Lexmark, Panasonic, Philips, ViewSonic, Samsung, Startech, and more.

Public sector programs are designed for Municipalities, Educational institutions, Local government, non-profit organizations, Healthcare, First Nations, and similar other semi-government organizations and Crown Corporations. This program is designed to offer hardware and software from almost all manufacturers at a price that is better than regular price. The program provides an appropriate level of discount for the Public Sector customer to competitively position products and solutions in a highly price-sensitive marketplace.

Island Key Computer endeavors to provide public sector pricing that is better than the published Public Sector pricing.


Since 2001, Island Key Computer has been providing healthcare certified products and solutions to BC health care authorities in BC. We have successfully supplied and supported Ergotron workstations on Wheels, Tangent All-in-one computers, Neat products and Apple computers, and more.

Island Key Computer successfully completed a project at Abbotsford General Hospital by installing over 50 Workstation on wheels, and 375 patient room deskside Nurses workstations, as well as delivering over 100 Rubbermaid workstation on wheels to PHSA. We also supplied and serviced Desktops, Laptops, Networking Equipment, Multifunction Devices, Printers, Wrist Band Printers, Large Format LCDs, Ergotron wall and desk mounts, mobile carts, and computer Interior health for over 12 years.

Island Key Computer works with health authorities to provide evaluation units to verify compatibility in the medical environment.

Healthcare Programs by Island Key Computer

Island Key Computer was a pioneer in working and developing solutions using Ergotron nurses’ stations, and workstations and is also a service authorized to repair Ergotron products.

Educational Programs by Island Key Computer

Island Key Computer also provides full support to the school boards offering complete repair services for both warranty and out of warranty products.


Island Key Computer has been supplying many of the school boards with both student and teacher IT equipment for many years. As School Boards are working on tight budgets Island Key Computer works with manufactures to obtain the best possible prices to meet the challenging IT demands of the education environment.

Island Key Computer supplies student Chromebooks, and teacher notebooks, as well as specialized computers to meet advanced, and specialized learning objectives. We also supply servers, computers, printers, peripherals and more.

Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability

Island Key Computer is truly dedicated to environmental sustainability, making it a top priority in its business operations. By advocating and implementing Green IT practices, the company strives to minimize its IT estate’s environmental impact. This includes promoting energy-efficient products and transitioning to more eco-friendly IT assets. Furthermore, Island Key Computer extends its sustainability efforts beyond IT, focusing on initiatives like business process transformation that improve overall environmental sustainability. The company’s commitment also extends to its choice of partners, collaborating with Tier1 manufacturers known for their dedication to recycling and reusing materials in their manufacturing processes. Notably, HP, a leader in green IT manufacturing in Canada.

As a VAR, our major contribution to environment sustainability is to align with manufacturers that have a high integrity in following manufacturing and logistics practices that keeps environment in focus in every decision.  Island Key Computer promotes in shopping sustainably and participates in anti-waste measures and eco-friendly practices.

To attain a different way of doing business, Island Key Computer promotes circular economy which is aimed at retaining and recovering as much value as possible from IT assets used. Our Circular economy practices include reusing, repairing, remanufacturing, repurposing, or recycling IT products and materials that are being replaced with newer products. In this way, the life cycle of products may be extended.

Island Key Computer offers a buy-back program to help customers recycle IT assets. We encourage customers to consider circular economy practices with Island Key Computer by promoting:

  • Recycling spent IT Assets
  • Reducing waste caused by delivery methods such as delivery without packaging (where applicable).
  • Multiple units in a box for shipping
  • Promoting product buy-back/recycling program
Sustainability by Island Key Computer

Promoting these small initiatives does not cost any customer additional money but gives them the satisfaction that they have helped in reducing their carbon footprint.

Island Key Computer presents an opportunity for companies to adopt circular economy practices that create new business models, save resources.

Circular economy could be easily implemented, potentially extending the life cycle of products and offering new ways for consumers to participate in circular economy activities. Your participation in circular economy does not have to be daunting. It simply makes you take a look at existing business processes and likely show areas where you can make a difference.