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We have a team of certified, in-house specialists and consultants dedicated to creating customized solutions at each of our locations. We enable smart and affordable products and services through strategic alliances with market leaders. Our goal is to provide you with reliable and expert solutions that help your business succeed.

Virtualization, Backup & Recovery

Island Key Computer offers business continuity solutions with backup/disaster recovery applications that involve both hardware and/or software. We have a range of data protection solutions available featuring data backup and recovery products. These products are designed specifically to help businesses keep pace with the growth of systems, applications, and data. Our solutions address your evolving IT needs, so whether you are a business on a growth path to enterprise or just need a specific technology solution, we will accommodate your storage challenges. Island Key also partners with the leading vendors in virtualization, storage and backup, replication and DR, to bring the best solutions to your company. Our solutions are scalable and customizable.

Business Continuity Solutions by Island Key Computer
Cloud Computing at Island Key Computer

Cloud Storage

Whether you need database clusters or document and media storage, we can help. Media can also be encoded and streamed as part of the service.

  • Platform-as-a-Service: If you have developed a new application or purchased a solution from a third party, you can deploy the application in the cloud to maximize availability and take advantage of redundant servers and backup.
  • Software-as-a-Service: If one of your business cases requires a new application, we can develop and deploy it for you.

    Storage and Server Solutions

    Island Key Computing can propose, design, implement, manage and support storage and server technology for your data center. We offer HP’s comprehensive range of storage and server solutions designed to complement every stage of your business growth. Our solutions let you focus on the business aspects while we provide reliable, hassle-free technology. We meet the demands of modern data centers by offering:

    Storage and Server Solutions
    • HP 3PAR Storage, HP LeftHand P4300 and P2000 Storage, HP EVA Storage using both iSCSI and Fiber channel connectivity
    • HP BladeSystem, the industry’s only Converged Infrastructure architected for any workload from client to cloud
    • Proof of Concept services for server and/or storage consolidation
    • Full needs analysis.
      Storage and Server Solutions by Island Key Computer
      Network Infrastructure by Island Key Computer

      Bring Your Own Device

      BYOD is an ever-increasing trend in the market. IKC can help your company stay ahead and be prepared. We are able to office total BYOD solutions, from servers to network infrastructure, and from device management to security. Using tools from HP, Cisco, VMware, AirWatch, and others, IKC can help your company take full advantage of BYOD.

      Ruggedized Solutions

      Island Key Computer partners with Panasonic and Motion Computing to help deliver ruggedized mobility solutions. Island Key can provide ruggedized laptops and tablets for heavy-duty outdoor or indoor use. Whether out in the field or in a warehouse, these ruggedized solutions can also be optimized for your environment through car mounts, GPS adapters, Barcode scanners, and many more options. Ruggedized tablets maximize productivity with their space-saving design, ergonomic flexibility, and advanced technology for improved driver safety. Motion Computing offers mil-spec rugged tablets in different sizes ranging from 10” to 12.5” as well as in-vehicle solutions, POS solutions, healthcare solutions, and fieldwork. These motion tablets have tailored solutions for Healthcare, Construction, Retail, Utility, and Public Safety.

      Ruggedized Solutions
      We will work with your company to find the best solution, whether it is in-vehicle accessories, POS applications, or retail use. Panasonic Toughbooks and Toughpads are ruggedly designed to withstand any elements they come in contact with. There is a wide range of efficiently designed laptops, tablets, convertible tablets, and handheld devices. Toughbook mobile computers have a low cost of ownership and have long-term reliability. With a wide range of accessories and mounting kits, the Panasonic Touchbooks and Touchpads can adapt to your environment. Island Key is a proud reseller and service depot for the Panasonic Touchbooks and Touchpads.
      Ruggedized Solutions by Island Key Computer
      Security Software by Island Key Computer


      Threat protection in a data center can arise from within or outside any organization. Island Key Computer has strategic partnerships with Symantec, Kaspersky, AirWatch, Absolute Software, and other security software companies in order to help bring the most efficient and effective solution to your company. From desktop to server to mobility, we are able to provide the needed security solution.

      Boardroom solutions

      Island Key Computer has many solutions for mobility through partnerships with manufacturers such as HP, Samsung, Panasonic, Motion, and others. Island Key will provide laptops, tablets, and hybrid devices that best suit the needs of your company.

      Ruggedized Solutions by Island Key Computer
      Nuance Solution by Island Key Computer


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