Backup solutions includes cost-effective protection of on-premises data as well as long-term retention of that data. As customers embrace hybrid cloud, backup designed for such environments and cloud native workloads is increasingly important. HPE has solutions that need backup targets for third-party backup software.


Backup solution options we offer includes:


HPE StoreOnce for customers who

  • Require comprehensive, low-cost backup for a broad range of applications and systems
  • Need data retention longer than snapshots
  • Require fast backup and restore
  • Require replication of large capacities of backup data over WAN links


HPE StoreEver (Tape Backup)

Tape-based systems, which deliver cost-effective, long-term data archiving, for customers who

  • Need an off-site backup repository for archive and regulatory compliance
  • Are price sensitive
  • Need to keep records safe for internal governance and regulatory mandated data retention, immutability, security, and discovery