Green Lake Solutions

Customers often think that they have two choices: purchase on-prem infrastructure up front or purchase public cloud services with a pay-as-you-go model. But HPE gives you the opportunity to offer more than this either-or proposition with a third, enticing option: HPE GreenLake. Through HPE GreenLake, we offer our customers, HPE solutions, that are delivered as a service.

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to companies’ applications and data—wherever they live. HPE GreenLake provides a unified cloud experience for all workloads— whether they run at the edge, in multiple public clouds, colocations, or on-prem.  HPE also enables companies to control their data, wherever it lives. Data can reside where it drives the best business outcomes, giving companies freedom of access while minimizing the need for complex and costly data migration. Companies’ data is always protected and governed across jurisdictions, ensuring it is only used as intended

HPE understands that customers need a cloud that comes to them, anywhere and everywhere. As-a-service delivery acts as the engine that moves the cloud to our customers. Whatever reasons customers have for keeping workloads on-prem—whether data gravity, concerns with performance and availability, or desire for greater control—HPE GreenLake brings the benefits of cloud there. HPE GreenLake also integrates with public cloud solutions to form the hybrid, multi-cloud platform that customers need.

With a pay-per-use financing model, HPE GreenLake helps companies take a strategic approach to their infrastructure investments. They can reduce over-provisioning and closely align spending per-month with usage. In this way, the composite HPE GreenLake customer in a Forrester survey reduced total cost of ownership by 45%. Self-service provisioning and options for service-provider management help companies accelerate projects and focus on innovation. By shortening their time-to-market by 80%, customers can generate more revenue, and achieve as much as a 161% ROI.

HPE GreenLake offers a full portfolio of as-a-service solutions, including pre-configured solutions and fully customized solutions based on particular customer requirements. In this way, customers perform self-service, scalability, pay-per-use, and service provider management across the complete edge-to-cloud platform.

Backup infrastructure with HPE StoreOnce Scalable solutions

  • For smaller & Remote offices
  • For the largest enterprises & service providers
  • Easy-to-administer software to protect,
  • Replicate & monitor enterprise workloads anywhere, from on-premises to cloud SaaS
  • Easy-to-administer software to protect
  • Replicate & monitor enterprise workloads anywhere, from on-premises to cloud SaaS
  • Single data management platform for converged data protection
  • Consolidation of other non-latency-sensitive workloads

HPE GreenLake everything as-a-service includes:

  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Platform-as-a-Service
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (which includes Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, AWS, and Digital Ocean)
  • Cybersecurity-as-a-Service
  • Hardware-as-a-Service
  • Technologies-as-a-Service (such as AI, edge computing, IoT, and so on)

HPE also provides an extensive portfolio of HPE GreenLake cloud services. Currently, the HPE GreenLake portfolio included more than 70 cloud services across 17 categories, from compute, storage, and networking to virtual machine (VM) or container platforms, to specific cloud services for workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and analytics. However, HPE continues to develop and expand the HPE GreenLake portfolio, so additional cloud services will be added going forward. You can visit the URL shown below to see a current list of cloud services.

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